Guide to Get ShowBox on Smart TV

If you are the one who enjoys doing marathons of your favorite shows and loves watching those classic movies repeatedly because they’re just that much awesome, you are certainly a cinephile.

You enjoy watching different genres or perhaps you stick to just one, but seeing a plot unfold and the enigma unravels as the characters develop, it is an utter thrill to you, isn’t it?

These streaming services that you may use to watch content do offer you a wide variety of shows to watch, but often they don’t offer you centralized content.

Get Showbox on Smart TV

You see, the licensing rights sold by the production houses limit the streaming giants from airing some series and sometimes it could also be political reasons for which a movie or a show might be banned in the entire nation. There’s nothing you could do about it even if you’re a paid subscriber to the service.

Well, there are ways you could obtain the shows such as illegally obtaining them or asking a friend to provide you with his account details. But, that’s much more hassle than the ease of streaming live shows and movies at the liberty of your own will and the comfort of a place you pick yourself.

In such a case, there are a few apps in the market that promise similar streaming experience but with few added benefits. Also, they’re absolutely free, unbelievable, right?

ShowBox – Free Unlimited streaming

Allow us to introduce you with Showbox, which is primarily developed for Android devices with an aim to provide free unlimited streaming of Movies, TV Shows and Web Series that were released decades ago along with the currently trending ones.

It lets you watch everything on Full HD and even 4k. It also provides you a choice between multiple links available from cross-continental fast servers.

You get subtitles in more than 20 languages and offline viewing too along with abilities such as bookmarking your favorites and using an external video player. You can find all the necessary features in one app that supports an enormous library filled with thousands of shows and movies, satisfying isn’t it?

Now, while all of that is excellent, you might want a little more like having Chromecast to watch it on a bigger screen? Yes, the app also supports Chromecast.

But, if you’ve got a smart TV, why engage your phone too when you can just install Showbox right away!

We’ve made a guide to get Showbox on Smart TV, so you can sit back and enjoy everything at ease without keeping your hands busy or your neck crooned into your mobile’s screen.

In case you want it on your PC, here is the way to get ShowBox on your PC (Windows) or Mac

How to get Showbox on Smart TV

  • Firstly, you’ll need a working Smart TV, so turn it on and head into its settings.
  • Within the Security and Restrictions section of the settings, lookout for the option that says ‘Allow installation from Unknown Sources’ and enable it.


  • Get Showbox APK on your Smart TV by visiting the download link provided below.
  • Open the app store of your Smart TV and search for ‘ES File Explorer’. Download and install it once you’ve found the app.
  • Run the ‘ES File Explorer’ and locate the ‘Add’ feature present at the top menu bar which opens a pop-up box asking for the file path.
  • Locate the path to Showbox APK and Add it. This will begin the installation of the application.
  • Soon as the successful confirmation of installation is displayed, head to the home screen of your Smart TV and open Showbox to begin streaming your favorite TV Series, Movies and Sitcoms.

Get ShowBox on Windows Phone

Final Words

Using the similar procedure and attentively following the steps presented in the guide, you could install Showbox on any Smart TV including the FireTV from Amazon.

Showbox is a fantastic app to stream hundreds of Movies and TV Shows to watch with your friends and family. The intuitive interface is pretty compatible with all display sizes and supports all newer and older android versions currently present in our smartphones and smart devices.