How to Install ShowBox on PC with BlueStacks?

To all those out there who love watching Movies and TV Shows, you know you guys are the force that keeps the streaming services in business? To your benefit, other streaming giants too have entered the field hoping to get a piece of that sweet revenue by introducing several new Web Series and TV Shows.

While all of that is fantastic, there does arise a problem when you consider that you cannot have all your favorites under one streaming client, can you?

Since you think you cannot, you also believe that subscribing to them could be the one and perhaps the only solution. While some might purchase different subscriptions, there is the hassle of keeping track of them and also it isn’t quite feasible if you think about the overall cost and the diminishing returns.

There’s a solution to all of these problems and the only answer to all these questions is Showbox.

Watch unlimited TV Shows, Movies and Web Series on Showbox for free! This android application gives you access to a global library of content where you will surely find all your favorites. It’s free and provides you with a lot of other features that’ll make your viewing experience more than satisfactory.


Since it is only an application, you might wonder how you could use it to watch everything you want on your PC. Although there’s a Chromecast feature baked into the app that allows you to stream your content on a bigger screen, you might rather want to keep your phone disengaged, so that calls and notifications don’t interrupt your marathon!

There’s still a way to have this application on your PC and it’s quite simple.

Android Emulator – Best way to get Showbox on PC

With the help of an Android Emulator that can be installed on your system, you get the liberty of running virtually any app on your desktop, notebooks, and workstations.

Sure, the market shall contain many apps that enable you the same benefits, but only a few can truly provide you the best experience, albeit in an easier manner too.

There are plenty of aspects that need to be considered when picking an Android Emulator from the market. While few software may primarily focus on giving you the best interface or the smoothest experience, it may happen that those might lack in other departments such as compatibility or general functionality.

There’s also the matter of privacy and security that needs to be proper and without any compromise in the Android Emulator Software.

BlueStacks is the application that precisely takes care of all such needs and requirements. Being one of the most popular and widely used apps in the market, it’s reliability and stability is trustworthy among all the circles across all the borders.

Let’s get you familiar with the process of installing both Showbox and BlueStacks without further ado.

Download and Install Showbox on PC using Bluestacks

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to install Showbox on PC with BlueStacks.

  • To begin, download the BlueStacks installer by using the download button provided below.
  • Once the download has successfully been finished, you shall now need to install the Android Emulator on your system by confirming the displayed on-screen instructions.


The link is sourced from an official page, thus you don’t need to fret over surrendering the protection of your system while you download Bluestacks on your PC.

  • Run the Android Emulator viz. Bluestacks once the installation is finished.
  • What’s next is that you need to download Showbox on PC by clicking on the download button present below.
  • The Showbox APK will need to be installed before doing anything further and you can do it by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  • When your screen displays a message seeking confirmation to install Showbox on PC, authorize it, thereby allowing the software to complete the necessary process for the next step.
  • Navigate to the home screen of BlueStacks after the successful installation.
  • When you spot the Showbox app, tap or double-click on its icon to open it.
  • Now, you have the freedom to watch your desired movies and TV SHows on your PC for absolutely free!

It would be useful if you firstly verify the basic requirements for installing the app on your PC.

Showbox allows you to watch your favorite Web Series, TV Shows, and Movies even when you’re offline by granting you unlimited free downloads!

Final Words

Forget the odious interrupting ads while you stream any content on each of your devices with Showbox. Choose your preferred language for viewing subtitles which comes with access to a vast library and the ability to pick different formats and resolutions too.

Utilize all the global channels to watch unlimited content on your PC’s screen with the help of this simple guide.

Download Showbox to view and discover new movies and new TV Shows with your friends today!