Simple Guide for Getting ShowBox on Android

If you’re in the market for a good streaming application, you know the struggles of bypassing ads and redirecting links to obtain the app. Even when you do find one, sometimes that app usually is so old or it has broken links which makes it of no use at all. Worst of all is the threat that you might be installing spying malware on your device in the name of free streaming application.


If you have still not got Showbox on your device, here is the way to get ShowBox on your PC(Windows) or Mac !

Well we have a perfect streaming app for you called Showbox which lets you watch unlimited Movies, TV Shows and Web Series for free! Enjoy on demand live streaming with this diverse app that has no content repositories but instead provides you all the available live streaming links that you can access by picking any title from the categorized genres given inside the app.

Let’s guide you through the process of installing this fantastic app on your Android Device.

How to get Showbox on Android

Showbox is developed primarily for android devices thus it’s easier to download it on the same. With that being said, there are still a few basic requirements which need to be met in order to ensure that the application runs smoothly and without any issues.


You will need a minimum of Android 4.0 or a higher version of android system to run Showbox on your device. Check whether your device is running Android 4.0 or a higher version of android system and upgrade the system software if that’s not the case.

You’ll need a minimum of 1GB of RAM on your device to run this graphics intensive application smoothly for live streaming purposes.

You must have at least 200MB of storage space free on your device for installing and running Showbox successfully.

Download Process

The official Showbox app is not made available on the play store because of licencing issues with streamable content which breaks some rules in the policies of the play store thus limiting it from making this fantastic available on the market to the masses.

Despite all of that being true, Showbox cannot be categorized under non-trusted applications because several millions of users around the world have downloaded and reviewed the app to be an authentic source that meets all the streaming needs. The genuine reviews prove that Showbox is a clean and malware free live streaming application on which you can faithfully trust because all the provided content is sourced from web hosting sites across the borders.
You can use the provided link given below to directly download Showbox on your device.
Note: The link has been scanned for threats and is found to be free from any suspicious or compromising potentials.

The given link contains the most recently released version of Showbox which delivers the best performance across all the devices that meet the basic requirements.

Installing Showbox on Android devices

If your android device already contains all the basic requirements, then you may proceed further to the steps for installation. Go back if your device does not meet those requirements to make the necessary changes as per your need.

  • Obtain Showbox from the download link given above and save it on your device.
  • You shall need to provide permission for installing third party applications on your device. To do this, go to your Android settings and tap at Security, then scroll down until you see the option ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources’. Check its box to enable the feature.


  • Now navigate to the location of the saved Showbox APK in your file system and tap on it to view the installation prompt. Press Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once the process is successfully complete, it should provide you two choices namely-Done and Open. You can press Done and later head to your home screen to find the Showbox shortcut or press open to run the app right away!

Note: If you get errors such as error parsing the package then you can check your android system for any pending updates or again download a fresh copy of Showbox APK.

Features of Showbox

One of the popular streaming choices in the market, Showbox contains a wide array of features that matches the needs of millions and then some more. Here’s a list of some of the exceptional features found in Showbox:

Hi-Res Content On Demand

Stream unlimited number of Movies, TV Shows and Web Series with Showbox. You can pick any file format with the added ability to choose the resolution of your content which can go upto Full HD and even 4k! All that you can desire to watch is provided to you in the form of links which makes it easier to switch between sources whenever it is required.

Extensive Library

Since there’s no fixed repository of content in Showbox, you are instead provided links from various web hosting sites all across the world. This makes it easier to provide global content without the setbacks of limitations imposed either socially, politically or culturally. Moreover, you can also watch retro movies and TV shows of the previous century with the help of Showbox.

Support and Compatibility

This app is supremely compatible with all newer android devices as well as several older ones. The interface is basic but by no means boring since there’s also an option to view content based on genre. You are also suggested similar titles based on your watching history which you can watch using an external player too. There’s also the feature of Subtitles which makes it easier to understand multilingual content and the extra ability to Chromecast definitely enhances your overall viewing experience.

Final Words

Being a popular app, the Showbox user base has a large community of both developers and beta-testers who make sure to provide you timely updates for bug fixes and occasional broken links. These many features in a single app are truly useful for enthusiasts as well as people in various professions.

Download Showbox for free on your Android today!